NLP Reframing

When we talk about NLP Reframing we are not talking about rebuilding your house, well, at least not literally, but it’s a great analogy for rebuilding your internal “House”.

All the thoughts and experiences you have had in your life end up making you who you are today. How you think about things will be dependent upon your life experiences and the beliefs you have developed from those experiences.

NLP Reframing allows you to take your same life experiences and beliefs and change how you think about them, rebuilding your thoughts, creating new understandings and beliefs that will allow you to choose different outcomes and ways of behaving.

And the best part is the new thoughts and beliefs will be as automatic to you as the old ones used to be.

This should be great news to you if you are a financial advisor, negotiator, sales professional, therapist, educator or parent,  as this is the easiest way to help others toward their successful outcomes, and to arrive at yours.

How To Use NLP Reframing To Free Up Your Stuck Thinking

Most stuck thinking is from lack of choice. Reframing adds choice.

Why is that important?

Because one choice is no choice. When you have two choices, that’s a dilemma. It’s only when you have three or more choices that you start to have real choice.

Think of one thing in your life you have no choice about. What decisions would you make differently if you suddenly had two more choices to pick from? Would you still choose to do the same thing if you could choose something else?

NLP Reframing, the art of seeing life differently than you now do, and how much more effective could you be if you could be more positive in your thinking? How much more effective and successful can you be when you can effectively reframe your clients thinking to a successful outcome?

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