Overwhelmed? – It’s Not About Having Too Many Things To Do

If you’re suffering from the stress of being overwhelmed it’s not because you have too many things to do.

I’ll tell you what the real problem is in a minute, but first I want to tell you why being overwhelmed isn’t about having too many things to do …

Because you often have many, many things to do and don’t get overwhelmed, am I right?

I’m guessing; if you’re like many people working in today’s hectic world, you’re often overloaded, but not overwhelmed, with work and things to do. And you manage to cope with that like most people, perhaps better than most people.

Overwhelmed? What It’s Not Caused By

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about here:

Let me set the scene starting with you at work, and I’m your boss. I call you into my office on Monday morning and tell you I’ve got 100 things I want you to accomplish by Friday of this week.

How are you going to feel?

Perhaps this would be enough to overwhelm you, perhaps not.

I then tell you that the 100 things I want you to accomplish by Friday of this week are on top of the usual 50 things you struggle to achieve in an average week.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

What Overwhelm Is Caused By

So, even though you might be overwhelmed by this situation, your overwhelm is not caused by the amount of work or things you must accomplish.

And here’s why … let’s go back to our situation above.

You’re at work, and I’m your boss. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve just called you into my office to tell you I’ve got 100 things I want you to accomplish by Friday of this week. And that’s on top of the 50 things you usually struggle to achieve in a week.

And then I lean back in my chair clasping my hands securely behind my head, looking you straight in the eye and say, but don’t worry, we’ve got a new system.

I’ve hired a new systems guy named Jones. Now Jones assures me that the new system will not only handle the 50 things you usually struggle with, but it will also allow you to complete 200 more jobs on top of that in the same amount of time.

I’ve booked you off for the afternoon so Jones can show you the super easy 1,2,3 step by step process of how it all works.

So you’ll be able to get all your work done easily and perhaps even get Friday afternoon off.

Where’s That Overwhelm Now?

The overwhelm would not exist, even though you had even more work than usual to do.


Because overwhelm is not caused by having too much work to do, it’s caused by factors unknown.

And the unknown factors can be a combination of things, such as; not knowing what to do, not knowing how to do it, what the results will be, how it will affect you and or others, and this list goes on.

So What Is Overwhelm Then?

Of course, not everyone experiences overwhelm. Some people are just naturally adept at functioning under highly stressful conditions; perhaps you are too?

And it’s been the study of these people, to find out how they are able to avoid overwhelm, that has led to this discovery.

Overwhelm is actually an internal process where you lack clarity.

What kind of clarity? Well, clarity of the work to be done. Also, clarity of an organized path to carry out the job and clarity of a definite outcome.

And the good news is, we offer a step by step process called “Stop Procrastinating” that makes organizing and completing task super quick and easy. Dissolving overwhelm forever!

So ask yourself, what is having a stress free, successful life worth to me?

And then click here “Stop Procrastinating” to find out more.

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