Self Employment – Entrepreneurial Tips For A Successful Business

Nancy Bembridge: Success Strategies Interview by Ronda

Nancy Bembridge Success Strategies

Ronda’s guest on Success Strategies with the Experts is Entrepreneur Nancy Bembridge, owner of Steadfast. Nancy is in the Legal Accounting Industry, specializing in Accounting Conversions, and has been working in that field since 1980. Steadfast has been in operation since 1996.

Self Employment Specializing And Hiring

(Scroll down to see Bonus NLP technique before listening)

Bonus NLP technique!

Have an intent before reading, listening, or watching information.
I.E., ask yourself questions about what you want to gain from the information. To help you out, we have created some questions below.

Ask yourself these questions before listening to the audio:

● How did Nancy know what her specialty was going to be?
● What did Nancy say was part of the Lawyer’s nature?
● What makes lawyers a target for salespeople?
● What valuable experience did Nancy have to start her business?
● Nancy knew it was going to take a while to develop her business with
Lawyers, so what did she do to supplement her business?
● How did Nancy remove the fear of hiring her first employee?
● What does Nance put a high value on?
● What was it about the first employee that convinced Nancy to hire
● According to Nancy, what do most people fear?
● Nancy had a lot of challenges around bringing on a new employee
due to the sensitive nature of their financial information being
exposed. How did she handle this successfully?
● Typically, what are 3 things people must do before they do business
with you?
● What was the difference in how companies saw Nancy, the business
owner and Nancy’s employee, and why was that important?
● What did Nancy’s employee do to make people like her so much?
● What were some of the values that Nancy and her employee shared?
● Why didn’t Nancy hire her second employee until she really needed
● What is the one word Nancy used to describe all startup entrepreneurs?
● What was the acronym that Nancy came up with for entrepreneurs?
● What was the bigger meaning behind the words of the acronym?
● What did Nancy discover that made the system more manageable
and increased referrals?
● What was the Colin Powell quote that connected with Nancy?
● What were Nancy’s 7 qualities of a leader?
● What statement made one job interviewee leave before the end of the
● Why did Nancy pay for the mistakes her company made?
● What were some of the unexpected benefits this brought about?
● What did Nancy say were some of the benefits of taking her NLP
Training from Life Potential Developments?
● What was the importance of Nancy’s shoes?
● What was Nancy’s contribution to Life Potential Developments?
● What motivated Nancy to write what she did for her review?
● What are Nancy’s Top 5 Tips?
● What was the motivating reason that Nancy chose Self Employment?
● What was the change that Nancy wasn’t expecting?
● How did Nancy change her business in preparation for her big

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