10 Motivation Areas And What You Need To Know

Motivation, what is it that drives you?

I’ve always been highly motivated as far as NLP and personal development goes. But yesterday my gardener made me feel lazy.

And not because he did my gardening for me, but because he told me how much work he does at home – Before he starts his official workday.

Well, that got me thinking about what motivates people. And why some people don’t seem to be able to follow through on their ideas to arrive at their outcomes.

If you have a lack of motivation in one of these 10 areas below, then you’ll want to find out how to overcome that. Because then you can start to achieve more in your life – unless you’re a natural sloth.

Years ago, Ronda and I created a very successful product appropriately called, “Stop Procrastinating.” We designed it, especially for people who get stuck.

But be forewarned! If you really are a natural sloth who just uses the procrastination excuse, it may not work as well for you because you don’t actually want to do anything in the first place.

Top 10 Motivation Areas

I made this top 10 list of areas (in no specific order) where people seek to be motivated but often fail miserably. Often with heartbreaking results (sometimes even death – see #9).

  1. Personal Development
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Continuing Education
  4. Job Change
  5. Exercise
  6. Professional Development
  7. Workplace
  8. Sales
  9. Stop Smoking
  10. Life in General

Easy Button

This is as close to an Easy Button as you will get when it comes to getting highly motivated, but …

If you’re a natural sloth you may not be motivated to slam the button.

On the other hand, if you’re like me, then you’re self-motivated and only need the right factors in place. Those factors will allow you to charge forward no matter what others might see as obstacles.

So what are the right factors that produce motivation?

Well, at the highest level, motivation is seen as a strategy. And there is no one size fits all strategy for everyone.

Therefore, you must know what your personal strategy for being motivated is, to be able to fire it off at will.

If you are not able to easily motivate yourself, then you obviously don’t know your motivation strategy. Therefore no Easy Button for you.

What Triggers?

Within all strategies are triggers. Do you know what trigger fires off your motivation strategy?

This is an absolute must know. But you must also know which triggers may stop your motivation strategy as well.

And you should also know all the steps in your strategy as it’s imperative that they run in the right order at the right time.

This is why strategies top the list for your motivation.

Because once you know your motivation strategy, then you know your motivation triggers, and the order your triggers must fire off.

That is, what has to happen first, second, third, and so on to fire your motivation off.

And be able to re-fire them in cases of long-term projects.

Or, as in some cases, if your de-motivation strategy is fired off then you can shut it down and restart the strategy that motivates you so to keep going.


Fear is one of the biggest motivating triggers. Often referred to as the “Carrot or the Stick” motivation. Known in NLP as Toward or Away From motivation.

If you are motivated by the “Stick,” then you are motivated by Fear, or away from something. If you are motivated by the “Carrot,” then you are motivated by a Reward or Toward something.

Although this sounds simple, it’s usually not so cut and dry. Often people are triggered by one factor and then switch to the other to complete the strategy. And even the percentage amount of each will vary.

As an example, something has to boot you in the butt to get you going, but then to keep you going, you must see a desired reward or outcome. Different strategies will have different size boots and rewards.

Beware: Motivation by fear alone is very hard on your system and can often create many other problems, especially in your health.

Other Important Factors

The use of NLP Submodalities is a well-known trigger that is used with great success by marketers to make you buy things.

The proof is in your kitchen cupboard, that is if there’s any left. Your favorite late-night snack may not be potato chips, but for millions, it is. And you won’t find them in dark grey bags.

Because marketers, at least the smart ones, know how important a role sub-modalities play in motivating you to part with your money.

NLP Anchoring is another way of triggering a motivation strategy to run. I like using the baseball player strategy because it’s very visual.

If you have ever watched pro baseball, then you have seen at least one player go through a routine of some sort to trigger his motivation. It may be pulling on a hat, adjusting something, tapping the home plate with his bat or swinging his bat a certain number of times.

All possible motivation triggers that psychologically anchor him to a particular state that is highly effective in achieving his outcome.

De-motivation Factors

Do you know what triggers de-motivate you?

It’s important to know what de-motivates you. Because the triggers that demotivate you are often more potent than your motivation triggers.

So it’s just as important to know your de-motivation triggers as to know your motivation triggers.

And it’s also possible that if you got rid of your de-motivation triggers, then your motivation triggers would run automatically. It all depends on the strategy that you are running.

Get Your Strategy

There are many triggers and factors that could be part of the strategy that motivates you. If you don’t know what your strategy is, I highly recommend you find out.

It’s your choice, of course.

Get used to being recognized as the horse who came in last or as the Winner Take All, Hero, Star that you are.

Also, your choice is the method to find out your motivation strategy. Either with NLP Life Coaching or by joining us in the NLP Training Online.


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