How To Use Fast NLP Techniques Like An Expert

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Have you ever been in a work, or social situation, and wished you had a secret weapon?

A time when you absolutely, positively had to make that connection, and you knew time was running out on the chance to do it?

Well, I’m going to let you in on the secret weapon I call fast NLP, but before I do let me tell you how I started to use fast NLP.

Long ago in a land far away (I always wanted to say that) before I discovered how to use fast NLP I was a pretty good real estate sales agent.

I say pretty good because I was better than average but I wasn’t great. That came later after I started using fast NLP.

I started selling real estate because Bill, the bass player in a band I knew, said it was easy to get a job selling real estate.

And because it was straight commission sales I thought I could make a lot of money fast.

Time Was Short

Upon being hired by a company I found out that because I didn’t have a “Sphere of Influence”, I had to use other methods of getting customers.

I had to call canvas people straight out of the phone book, go up and down streets knocking on doors, and do open houses.

What I wasn’t told was that people can be very unfriendly, even hostile when you call them at home or knock on their door trying to sell them something.

And more than once I thanked the dog chain maker for a sturdy product.

And they obviously forgot to tell me that of all the people that would visit an open house none would want me as a real estate person working for them.

Straight commission sales were not looking so good now. My rent was due, my car payment was due, and my friendly banker wasn’t friendly anymore.

Fast NLP – The New Calvary

And then another salesman told me about NLP and I started to look into it.

I couldn’t believe that doing a few simple NLP techniques could make such a difference. And had I not been so desperate, I probably wouldn’t have even considered trying them.

But I did try them. And boy did they work!

I was so excited about this new discovery I started telling the other agents. And you know what? They all started avoiding me! They thought I was some kind of fanatic.

Well, I guess I was. I was so fanatical that I started making more and more sales and paying all my bills on time. Even my banker got friendly again … for a banker.

The Fast NLP I Used

So what was the secret fast NLP techniques, that lead me to such sudden success, allowing me back in the graces of the all-powerful?

Well, the first fast NLP technique was rapport. When done right, it can be the number one savior of your career or personal life.

You can learn to build rapport in an instant, which sometimes is all you have. And building rapport well can turn a perfect unfriendly stranger into a friend for life.

The second best fast NLP technique is a little more advanced, but you can still use it to some degree without proper NLP Training. It’s called transference.

The best way I know to explain the importance of transference is: it’s the method used by the big dog who knows you are afraid of him, even though you are pretending not to be.

Yes, we humans can use it just as well and, you can use it to your advantage at work or in social situations. It’s absolutely super powerful and fun.

There’s More … Much More!

Of course, there are a lot more fast NLP techniques you can use for fun and profit. But the two I have mentioned above gave me the biggest and fastest boost, both to my professional life, and my social life.

They are also the easiest to learn and use. And the better you learn them the better you are at using them.

Others are using these techniques to expand and grow their careers and social standing, so why not you?

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