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Meta Model Questions: The Most Powerful Overlooked NLP Technique

The NLP Meta Model Questions were created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler and explained in great detail in their book,  The Structure of Magic, Vol. 1: A Book About Language and Therapy

John and Richard discovered that our brains have 3 primary filters that all our information goes through. And subsequently, it’s this filtered information that creates problems within our communication, both with others as well as internally with our own thinking.

The magic happens when you can know the right questions to ask to “find” that filtered or missing information. And the results can be truly magical.

So, keeping in mind that some people intentionally set out to deceive, like many politicians and the media with their hype, other everyday folks like you and me are subjects of the Meta Model filters at work.

Some people, like US President James Garfield, loved defending unpopular truth, and I think he would have benefited profoundly from knowing Meta Model questions.

Because even though the twentieth President of the United States said, “I love agitation and investigation and glory in defending (the) unpopular truth against popular error”…

I Don’t Believe It

I don’t believe it because I don’t think anyone, even James Garfield, likes the agitation that comes from confrontation. And the avoidance of a fight is one of the most significant benefits of the Meta Model questions.

I also think fairness and truth are over-exaggerated. Or at least, over depended on. Why?

Because, for one, what is fair to one person can be quite unfair to another. Rotarians have a question to handle this, “Is it fair to all?” But most of us don’t ask it.

First Understand Truth

The truth is often what you’ve been lead to believe by your experiences in life. And often those can be guided by what others have experienced, and then passed on to you as truth.

So, the truth is something you believe to be true. If you don’t believe it, it’s not true.

Now, imagine you are my client, and you believe you’re not smart enough, rich enough or experienced enough to become a coach yourself, well, that’s going to hold you back, isn’t it?

That’s Where Meta Model Comes In

So, as a coach trained in NLP, I have a secret weapon to use that can help you change how you think, it’s Meta Model Questions.

These powerful question will allow me to find out the real problem behind your lack of belief. And I don’t have to challenge your belief, which is often taken as being confrontational and usually leads to bigger problems. I can simply ask specific Meta Model questions to find out the real problem or “root cause” as we call it.

And that’s what sets a coach trained in NLP, who knows how to use Meta Model questions, apart from the ordinary cookie-cutter coaches churned out by the thousands each year.

By using Meta Model questions, I can quickly and easily find the real problem that hides behind the problem you presented.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” Albert Einstein – Physicist & Nobel Laureate

And that my friend, can put you at the top of the heap in the coaching world.

And it’s why professionals pay big bucks to NLP Coaches.

But you don’t have to be an NLP Coach to benefit from the Meta Model, sometimes it’s just nice to have the right thing to say or ask that puts the other person on the answering end of the conversation and you in control.

Know what I mean?

So whether your present position would benefit from you having the expertise of the Meta Model, or perhaps a future position such as Coaching would, it’s just one of the many areas of NLP that make you look and feel more intelligent and more professional.

Imagine how much better you would feel knowing the perfect questions and answers that come easily from understanding how the Meta Model works. It’s just one more benefit of our Life Potential NLP Training Online.

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