Meta Model Questions: The Most Powerful Overlooked NLP Technique

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Meta Model Questions: The Most Powerful Overlooked NLP Technique The NLP Meta Model Questions were created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler and explained in great detail in their book,  The Structure of Magic, Vol. 1: A Book About Language and Therapy John and Richard discovered that our brains have 3 primary filters that all … Read more

What You Can Learn About Self Esteem From An Ordinary Snowflake

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Self-esteem is a term used to reflect a person’s overall belief in his or her own self-worth. Typically people compare themselves to others that they have been led to believe are of a high or higher standard, and place themselves either above or below that person’s position. Low Self Esteem? Low self-esteem is often started in … Read more

Here’s A Quick Way To Finally Start Living An Outstanding Life

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Do you feel like the rose that has never opened? Then start living an outstanding life, and finally have what those other people have, once you get past this one main obstacle that’s been holding you back. We’re on a personal Coaching mission to eradicate this obstacle. You are born with two, the rest … created. Want to know what … Read more

Does NLP Work? And Why That’s The Wrong Question To Ask

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Does NLP work?  If you have ever asked yourself that question and struggled to find the answer, here’s why.  It’s the wrong question to ask.  It’s the wrong question because the question presupposes (suggests) that NLP is a thing that either works or doesn’t work, like a pen or flashlight. When actually, NLP is more … Read more

How To Practice NLP By Watching These Awesome Movies

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Imagine that you could have instant knowledge and understanding of NLP techniques, and you could easily SEE NLP in Action directly in front of you. And imagine having seen such a freaking awesome display of NLP right in front of you, and you suddenly realize that you too could change your life just as quickly. Imagine you … Read more

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