Does NLP Work? And Why That’s The Wrong Question To Ask

Does NLP Work image

Does NLP work?  If you have ever asked yourself that question and struggled to find the answer, here’s why.  It’s the wrong question to ask.  It’s the wrong question because the question presupposes (suggests) that NLP is a thing that either works or doesn’t work, like a pen or flashlight. When actually, NLP is more … Read more

How To Practice NLP By Watching These Awesome Movies

How To Practice NLP image

Imagine that you could have instant knowledge and understanding of NLP techniques, and you could easily SEE NLP in Action directly in front of you. And imagine having seen such a freaking awesome display of NLP right in front of you, and you suddenly realize that you, too, could change your life just as quickly. Imagine you … Read more

Doctors – Is Your’s Incompetent or a Pathological Liar?

Doctors I Am Waiting image

What’s up with doctors who are always 1 to 2 hours late for your and everyone else’s appointment? I once showed up for an 8:30 am doctor’s appointment to get a standing room (outside) greeting! That’s just rude and disrespectful in my mind. And doctors even have their patients making excuses for them. They’ll say … Read more

The Real And Serious Danger When You Have An Inner Conflict

inner conflict image

If you feel torn between a “this or that” situation or if you’re losing sleep fretting about choices you’ve made or have to make, or if you’re feeling regret or remorse over something you had to do or are still doing, then you may be suffering from an inner conflict. These signs and others are … Read more

Sensory Acuity: Discover Why Your Success Depends On It

Sensory Acuity image Sensory Acuity

How much time are you spending on fine-tuning your Sensory Acuity?  As you may already know, NLP has many, many techniques. But without having at least good sensory acuity, your NLP techniques will be virtually useless. And that’s because having at least good sensory acuity is the only way to tell the effectiveness of your other NLP techniques. If … Read more

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